Guest dresses to wear to wedding in summer for 2022

Wedding is an event everyone wants to make memorable with their dresses and looks. After the pandemic world is back to the life and events are on now. You need a perfect dress with the perfect look but it’s so confusing what to wear in this hot weather. Warm colors and fabrics are not going to help in this hot weather. You can go with light decent colors with the touch of hot and mesmerizing prints.

Try to go with Cotton, Chiffon, Flannel, muslin, terry cloth, sateen, gauze, velveteen, and linen

These are the most suitable fabrics to go within the summer season (light in weight and will allow the airflow to the damp areas of your body. Never go with leather, faux, wool, and fleece in summer.

Here are the Guest dresses to wear to the wedding to make your day.

Mini Dress

Mini dress is the fashion statement. After the 1960s mini dress was a wardrobe staple for women and extensively use in movies and series to portray a high standard of living.

The mini dress is the best option in hot weather comfortable and easy to carry. Mini dress with the flare touch will look amazing.

Maxi Dress


Maxi dress ends on your ankles. It’s a single-piece dress so no worries about matching. It’s comfortable and classy for the wedding look as a guest. Maxi dresses have their own plus points. They are comfy, no worries about shaving legs, fit for summer and winter both, its gives sun protection and you can make experiments with maxi like flare wrap cut-out thighs look and many other combinations you can try with a maxi.

Maxi dress with single flat color with the light jacket, floral combination or with beads on it will give extraordinary touch.


Midi dress

Now you know about mini and maxi dresses but what midi dress is. Midi dress ends below your knee or a few inches above your ankle in between the knee and the ankle on the calf. It’s very suitable in the summer season you can go with half sleeves or with no sleeves.

The floral pattern leading to your sleeves will look amazing. You can go with no sleeves and with the laces, on your shoulder, the half-naked back will look flirting and mesmerizing on the deck.

90’s nostalgia.

90’s trends are back now. Stars are going with the 90’s look in the last Met gala 2022 Kim Kardashian go with the 90’s trend. You can follow the fashion for the wedding here are some looks of the Met gala 2022 to go with.

Met Gala 2022 ( Kim Kardashian)



For, the last decade jumpsuits are the perfect outfit for women. With all styles, jumpsuits are now wardrobe staples. Jumpsuits give you a classy look and give you a touch of uniqueness throughout the deck.


Best Online Stores for Wedding Dress Shopping

There are 100 stores online you can visit but I shortlisted a few of them depending on there products, styles, fashion, trends following, quality, price and services

1- Nordstrom

2- Anthropologie

3- kohls

4- Lulus

5- Macys

6- Fashion roof

I hope it will be helpful for you to make a decision you can check out more products in the shop section.

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