Met gala 2022 Dresses and Red carpet spark.

Before going to dresses and outfits of met gala 2022. The theme of met gala was “Gilded Glamour” the concept was about the interpretation of New York’s gilded age. With the time it changes with its grandiosity that leads immigrants to be the part of its culture and immigrants also changes its culture with time. Here met gala introduced the fusion of history, culture, museum and the fashion now.

For me here are the stars who stole the met gala 2022

Blake Lively :

Blake lively looks stunning those bronze and green color theme represent statue of liberty. When she came it was metallic brown with oversized bow on her hips but on the red carpet unfolded bow came out with the green that looks so amazing.

That crown of Blake lively has its own story

“She has seven spikes representing the seven seas and the seven continents, which represents inclusivity, welcomeness, and freedom,”

Blake Lively

Design and front of the dress was inspired by the Empire state Building. Clutch and nail paints are so catchy and give 100% to the theme of met gala 2022.

Megan Thee Stallion :

The Golden Goddess look isn’t she looking? Golden Feather gown is looking so awesome as of her last met gala look. She was wearing golden mesh-cut-out at the waist with the golden toned color that gown with thigh high slit for Megan’s perfect shape legs and heels. With all that her hair style and greenish eye giving extra touch to the beauty.

Normani :

Once again normani set the statement for the night with her metallic black and obviously that perfect body of her.

For the Outfit she wore black gown with the dramatic cut out at the shoulder and waist. That valvet gives the modern touch to her outfit. Beyond the gown I personally like that hat with the bow and tilted on one side is so cute and classy.

Billie Eillish :

Eillish wore custom Gucci ivory gown with the green lace and ivory skirt with the golden touch. That floral pattern on her tain and net arms looks great. Black choker make her look complete with her hair style.

Gigi Hadid :

Gigi Hadid at the September 2021 Met Gala with red hair and a high-leg slit Prada dress. Tonight, the singer went more modern yet just as striking with her platinum hair styled up. She wore a red corset jumpsuit by Versace and a giant matching cape, a creative take on the night’s Gilded Glamour theme.

Camila Cabello :

Camila is very pretty she can wear anything to make the night. Floral applique detail of her two-piece white gown with the cutout at her waist and those lace around her chest is looking beautiful.

Lizzo :

That Gold hand-embroidery is so fascinating

Lizzo told reporters “This coat took 22000 hours to make” Actually I am in love with that embroidery work on her coat. Singers outfit included a corset black silk with a oversizer chesterfield coat in black satin. She hold flute that worth $55000. If we exclude that coat of Lizzo I personally don’t like inner style and dress. Everyone has choices like me

Khole Kardashian :

It was Khloe Kardashian debut in met gala 2022. She was wearing gold Moschino Gown hand sewn with 540,000 glass beads if you are wearing golden then your will be the statement but there was others too wearing gold with almost the same style Khloe’s luck.

With that gown she were wearing black velvet scarf around her with the Black gloves that makes her golden gown complete

Kim Kardashian :

Kim Kardashian was wearing iconic dress of Marilyn Monroe .With that name I don’t think I have to right anything else about the dress but she was looking gorgeous in it.

For me?

For me it was Blake lively who stole the Met gala night that green fusion of her dress and metallic work on her dress is so pretty.

If I have missed any one or choice is anyone else in met gala 2022 you can mention in the comment section.

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